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File extension .html .htm File extension .pdf
Internet media type text/html Internet media type application/pdf
File format name Hypertext Markup Language File File format name Portable Document Format
Associated programs Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firexfox Associated programs Adobe Viewer, Ghostscript, Ghostview, Xpdf, gPDF, Acrobat Reader
Developed by WHATWG Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 1993 Initial Release: June 15, 1993
Useful links:
Useful links:



The easiest way to change PDF to HTML 

How to convert PDF to HTML

When you need to post content from files in Portable Document Format to your website, there’s a risk of losing fonts and layouts if they aren’t adjusted to hypertext format. Before publishing something, you need to transform it into HTML. The best way to do that is by using our fast and secure online PDF to HTML converter; coding skills aren't necessary. The intuitive interface allows any users to adapt their documents just in seconds. All you need to do is upload your PDF and make a single click to get a ready-to-use hypertext file. 

How to convert PDF to HTML

  1. Drag and drop your template into the highlighted area.
  2. Import it from the cloud by using the related icons.
  3. Wait a few seconds until it’s processed.
  4. Click Convert Now to change the format.
  5. Click the Download button or export the new file to the cloud.
  6. Convert another PDF to a web page with the Start over again option. 

The service is free of charge and doesn’t require any account registration or software installation. You can upload as many files as you need and change your PDFs to HTML without conversion limits. The platform has many other advanced solutions for the most professional document management, such as editing, arranging, protecting, electronically signing, and sharing PDFs. Start benefiting today! 

Watch the video on how to transform PDF to HTML

If you need to quickly convert a PDF into a web page, check out our video tutorial below. Give our secure service a try and create HTML pages from PDF files quickly and securely. Find many other features you can benefit from on our platform for professional document management.

The Ultimate Features Comparison Chart

You are probably similar to many users whose choice is influenced by factors like price, speed of service and convenience of use. Due to its cross-platform nature, AltoConvertPDFtoHTML can be used on any device regardless of the OS. Have a look at the table below and compare our key features to the competitors’.

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No software downloads
Cloud storage Unlimited No info No info
Price Free Free 7-Day Trial paid Free 7-Day Trial paid
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Support 24/7/365 No info
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How to convert PDF to HTML

Want to have a neat, easy to share, and cross-platform document? Use our web service and enjoy fast and high-quality conversion results.

How to convert PDF to HTML online

PDF conversions to hypertext greatly enhance the indexing of your material by search engines, making your content visible to a wider audience. 

If you aren’t very good at programming languages but still want to know how to present content in a web interface, Alto is a document conversion platform that will help you to change file formats online step-by-step. The Alto Converter has a wide range of tools and is perfect for managing various documents, including scientific articles, journals, formulas, etc.

Follow the steps below to use AltoConvertPDFtoHTML:

  1. Locate a document and upload it from your device, import it from the cloud or simply drag & drop it onto the page.
  2. Start the conversion by tapping the Convert Now button. 
  3. Take note that the speed depends on file size. Smaller documents will convert in seconds. The maximum size for a file to be uploaded is 25 Mb.
  4. Download the final product to your device or share it.

This PDF to HTML converter saves the document’s fonts and images, generates a static page of approximately the same size as the original file and prevents distortion. Besides, with the software, select exactly which page you need, saving you time if you have to convert a multi-page PDF document to a hypertext format on Mac or Windows.

How to convert PDF to HTML in Google Chrome

Choose the most convenient and productive Google extension to transform your document into an HTML-based file. Most extensions are easy to add to your browser’s toolbar. No need to run a separate program or leave Chrome’s web interface. Try the versatile Alto extension by pdfFiller, AltoConvertPDFtoHTML, offers an efficient and easy solution for working with HTMLs. 

In just a few clicks, use the following instructions to start transforming your documents.

  1. Find the Alto extension in the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Subjoin this plug-in to your browser by tapping the Add button.
  3. Click the app’s icon to start. Upload your PDF doc.
  4. Tap Convert Now and wait for a few seconds.
  5. Download your newly created hypertext file or continue editing the document.

The main purpose of extensions is to extend the functionality of a browser. Tools that are located right in your web-browser are a very convenient opportunity for both developers and everyday users. Due to its simplicity and functionality, AltoConvertPDFtoHTML deserves special attention. Moreover, the extension for converting PDF to HTML doesn't require any payments. Use Alto any time and from anywhere. 

How to convert PDF to HTML on Windows

If you want to run conversions on Windows OS using a PC, laptop or mobile device here’s all you need to know. There are two main categories of tools you can use for the Windows operating system — some that work from the Internet without downloading while others come as installation sets on your device.

Explore an alternative solution below. Evaluate the pros and cons and decide on the best choice:

  1. Choose a free online PDF-to-HTML converter with functions that suit your needs.
  2. Use Google Docs’s tools in your Google Account.
  3. Add a Chrome extension from the Google Market.
  4. Install a professional converter. Choose from reliable sources only.
  5. Pay for an Adobe Acrobat Pro subscription and install it.

Although PDF documents are good for working with and sending, they sometimes need to be converted to HTML files for adaptive display on the web. Downloading text and graphical data to linked websites is not easy and requires specific knowledge. Therefore, use PDF to HTML software to make the content more accessible. Online converters like AltoConvertPDFtoHTML are the best option for this task.

How to convert PDF to HTML on Mac

After creating a web link, each recipient will be able to open the data file in an Internet browser on any desktop or mobile device. It’s quite common and most web designers and developers often use PDF-to-HTML conversion when working with websites or content. However, macOS doesn’t have a built-in solution for converting PDFs to web pages. Preview doesn’t provide an option for choosing HTML as an output. For Mac users we’ve compiled a list of steps you can take to solve this problem: 

  1. Buy Adobe Acrobat Pro for working with PDFs. Keep in mind that the service isn’t cheap.
  2. Choose a free online PDF-to-HTML converter. Browser-based platforms don’t require installation and usually don’t cost any money.
  3. Download and install a professional converter. Note that the free features may be limited.
  4. Use Google’s built-in functions and web-based tools. You should have a Google account.
  5. Search for a Chrome extension. It’ll only work in Chrome.

Portable Document Format is a fantastic way to preserve and share electronic documents that contain a lot of text and graphic content. However, sometimes it’s necessary to turn it into HTML. Although there are many web applications for working with different file types, we recommend using one that does everything you need it to. AltoConvertPDFtoHTML is a free, robust, next-generation online solution for working with all kinds of files including PDFs and HTMLs. 

How to convert PDF to HTML in Adobe Reader

Adobe is famous for developing the Portable Document Format. Therefore, it’s obvious that they have solutions for converting them to any format, including HTML. Our guide will help you use Acrobat Pro DC on your PC quickly and easily. Mac users can follow the same steps. The only difference is the application’s interface may differ visually, OS to OS but the functionality will be the same. Keep in mind that the free Acrobat Reader will not convert your files and you’ll need to buy the premium version.

Run Adobe Acrobat Pro and follow the steps below:

  1. Use the Tools on the upper panel and go to the Export menu.
  2. Select the file you need to convert from PDF to HTML.
  3. Choose HTML as the format you want as an outcome.
  4. Choose individual pages or select multiple pages.
  5. Click Export at the bottom and specify the folder you want your new file exported to.

It’s important to understand that some elements of the layout will be lost during the conversion but it doesn’t affect text and graphical data. Basically, the only thing you’ll lose is the document’s background. Afterward, you’ll have to edit your hypertext and reconstruct it. The ability to work right from Adobe is very comfortable, but remember you’ll have to pay for it. If you want a simpler tool that works great and is free. Check out

How to convert PDF to HTML on mobile devices

According to the latest statistical data, the market share of mobile devices people use for their business purposes is bigger than that of desktop/laptop computers. Consequently, the same operations become available on smartphones. Specialized online software tools and applications enable mobile users to manage their electronic documents right from their devices. This also includes converting PDF to HTML code. Depending on the operating system you’re using, select an application for Android or iOS. If you don’t want to install anything on your portable device, use an online service.

To convert your document with AltoConvertPDFtoHTML, follow the steps below:

  1. Upload the document from your smartphone or import it from the cloud.
  2. Tap the Convert button and wait until the process is completed.
  3. Check your internet connection if your file doesn’t convert right away.
  4. Save and share the results via email or messenger.

AltoConvertPDFtoHTML cares about getting your files converted. Take note that the maximum file size is 25 Mb per upload. 

How to convert PDF to HTML on iOS

Currently, there’s a growing demand for using PDF documents in HTML code to develop new Internet pages or make updates to the existing websites. Modern technology has made it possible for mobile device users to perform the same operation on the go. If you have an iOS device, there are three options for you to choose from. You can download a special application from the AppStore, add an extension to your Chrome browser, or use an online PDF to HTML converter. 

Here’s a step-by-step instruction guide for using the AltoConvertPDFtoHTML online solution:

  1. Enter in your browser.
  2. Open the web page.
  3. Add a document from your iOS device or cloud storage.
  4. Select the Convert option (the process will take a couple of seconds).
  5. Download the converted file to your device’s memory, cloud storage or share it.

AltoConvertPDFtoHTML is a perfect solution for those who don’t want to waste their time, money or install anything on their device. 

How to convert PDF to HTML on Android

If you aren’t a specialist and don’t know how to display a PDF file in the HTML web page, you will have to use a specialized tool. Fortunately, modern mobile devices are capable of working with documents and e-paper management tools almost on the same level as desktop/laptop computers. It’s up to you to decide whether to upload an Android application from the Google Play Market, add an extension to your Chrome browser or use an online solution like AltoConvertPDFtoHTML. 

Follow the simple steps below to convert your PDF to HTML online:

  1. Type the in your browser.
  2. Open the website.
  3. Upload the doc either from a cloud storage or right from your Android device.
  4. Hit Convert Now.
  5. Download or share the results via email or other messengers.

Whatever you choose, pay attention to the solution’s price (if it’s not free) and the maximum file size you can upload for converting. For instance, AltoConvertPDFtoHTML has a 25 Mb limit per doc.


How do I save a PDF to HTML code?

You can use a straightforward but powerful solution for converting files online. Visit and turn your Portable Document Format into a web page quickly. Upload your record, tap the Convert button, and get your results in seconds. Save it to your phone or computer. Convert any number of pages without restrictions for free.